Best Boutique Hotels in the USA

If you’re bored with the usual chain hotels and their generic appearances, consider booking a boutique hotel for your next trip! Experience unique settings and more personalized services at any of the boutique hotels we chose for our lists. Live in the moment and gain authentic memories on your vacation. 

Whether you travel with a partner or with the entire family, a great hotel can make your stay unforgettable. So check out our lists of all the best boutique hotels in the USA and start planning your next boutique getaway!

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FAQs about boutique hotels

  • What separates boutique hotels from regular hotels?

    The main difference between boutique hotels and others is the size. Boutique hotels are noticeably smaller, they have well under 100 rooms/suites. Also, each is unique as, in general, they do not belong to any hotel chain which usually includes very generic looks and designs. In some cases there are boutique-only chains, but it's not very common - usually they are independent.

    Boutique hotels are also more stylish and, since they offer less guest units, more intimate with a more personal approach to their guests. Apart from their charming decor and welcoming service, boutique hotels also tend to be set in trendy areas. What more can you ask for?

  • Why are boutique hotels more romantic?

    When you're staying in a large, chain hotel, it's easy to feel like you're just one more guest in a sea of guests, where all the rooms look the same, and each hotel is the same as the last. On the other hand, when you book a boutique hotel for a romantic getaway, you and your SO can be sure you'll have a unique experience than will actually be memorable. 

    Often, the overall aesthetic of the boutique hotel is chosen according to the style and spirit of community of the given destination, so you get an authentic feel of the place you're visiting. In addition, the service is personalized and it's easier to connect with other guests in the common areas, which can come in handy for recommendations and tips about the city and most interesting or romantic things to do. The lists just keeps on going, so you can rest assured it's a perfect choice for anyone looking for a quality vacation.

  • How do I book a boutique hotel?

    It's easy! Just check out the destinations listed above and click on one that you believe is perfect for your next trip. You will be redirected to a list of boutique hotels in the area - there are photos and descriptions provided to make it easier for you to find something you like. When you find a boutique hotel that suites your tastes, click on the "More Information" button and you will be redirected again - to the booking site with the best offer. There you proceed with the booking as usual. And that's it! Enjoy your best romantic getaway in a boutique hotel.

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