Best Romantic Getaways with a Hot Tub in Room in UK

Looking for a romantic hotel or log cabin with a private hot tub in the UK? You’re in the right place!

Made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, this island nation is a diverse and charming destination for a couple’s vacation, known for the Queen, Big Ben, red buses, the Beatles, English tea, fish and chips, Stonehenge, kilts, medieval castles, and much more. There are few places in the world that offer as many unique romantic getaways as the UK.

And to help you plan your next trip, we made a list of the best romantic weekend breaks with hot tubs in the UK. Check it out!

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List of hotels with hot tub in room in UK

List of log cabins and loges with hot tub in UK

How to choose the best accommodation with hot tub in UK

Our mission is to help you find romantic hotels with hot tub in room so that you can easily plan a perfect holiday with your special someone. 

Listed above are all the destinations where we have found and handpicked all the best spa breaks with private hot tubs in the UK. Just choose one and you will access our “best hot tub suites” list where we offer photos and informational descriptions. If you see a hotel suite you fancy, click the button below the images – it will take you to the booking site. We try to consult as many agencies as possible, so you can book best available hotels with hot tub in room, for the lowest price.

What makes hot tub suites or lodges so romantic?

Imagine you’re planning a special surprise for your partner’s birthday, your anniversary, honeymoonValentine’s Day or any other occasion. Wherever you go, you need to find a hotel room. Now, staying in a fancy hotel is always nice, but how many times have you enjoyed a honeymoon suite with a bottle of champagne and a bubbly spa bath by the bed? You can get pampered on your holiday like never before. And if the property amenities and location suite your tastes, you’ll have yourself one unforgettable getaway.

And if it was ever the time to book a hotel room with a whirlpool bath to spend a romantic break in the UK, it is now. Accommodations with private Jacuzzi® tub and whirlpool baths have been trending in the last few years, so now there’s a myriad of options to choose from and they are not even so expensive. You can find affordable hotel rooms with a private hot tub, as well as holiday homes and cabins, all around.

Benefits of staying in hotels or log cabins with private hot tubs

As you’re probably aware, the hotel is the most defining part of a holiday, especially a romantic one. You can plan a lovely trip, but if you select the wrong hotel it can cause tension and uncomfortable moments between you and the love of your life. BUT if you choose wisely, your romantic getaway can be a huge success that will make you fall even more in love. Still, why would a hotel with in-room hot tub or spa bath be the best choice?

For one, studies show that bathing together is a very intimate act that reinforces commitment, enhances security, and unifies emotions. Likewise, even if you just spend some time together relaxing in a private hot tub in a romantic setting it can similarly deepen your connection.

On the other hand, there are actual physical benefits to soaking in a hot tub. The warm water combined with the massage jets can help relieve pain and relax muscles. Spending just 15 minutes in a hot tub about an hour before going to bed can improve the quality of your sleep, especially if the pain tends to wake you up. On a smaller scale, relaxing in a whirlpool or hot tub can help ease the stress and  tension built up during the long day of sightseeing, hiking, or even just standing. And we can’t think of a grown person who wouldn’t love you a bit more just for making it possible.

Things to know before booking an accommodation with a private hot tub

Be careful when booking a hotel room with a private hot tub. It’s easy to get excited about your romantic break somewhere in the UK and booking the first hotel with a hot tub spa bath in room from the site…but when you arrive, you find that the room you booked is different. Instead of relaxing in the whirlpool bath right next to the bed, you have a regular bath or shower, like the one you have at home, in the bathroom. What happened?

You probably didn’t choose the right room from the ones offered on the website. Maybe you mistakenly booked a standard room or maybe the spa suite wasn’t even available on your dates. That’s why it’s crucial to double check the room amenities before booking, or even contact the hotel if you can’t find the hot tub suite and ask the reception if they can help you make a reservation. 


First, select a hotel room or holiday home that suites your taste and then click on the “more info and prices” button, and it will direct you to the booking agency offering the best price. There you have to choose the room with a private Jacuzzi® tub or spa bath and proceed with the booking as usual. Sometimes the name of the hotel room or suite can include the word “spa bath” or “whirlpool” or any other synonym, but sometimes it will just say “deluxe suite” or it won’t be implied at all. Check in the room description that the spa bath is listed as an amenity!

And keep in mind, if the room or suite you’re looking for isn’t displayed, it’s probably not available, so don’t mistakenly book a random room. Try a different hotel from the list or try changing the dates of the stay.

The words “spa bath”, “Jacuzzi® tub”, “hot tub” and “whirlpool tub” are often used synonymously, and it’s not surprising since they could be all defined as jetted tubs. But if we are being technical, there are a few differences.

Jacuzzi® is a trademarked brand created by the Jacuzzi brothers. They manufacture high quality hot tubs, bath products, and pool equipment. It’s probably the most known and popular hot tub brand which is why its name is often used as a general name for hot tub, meaning that sometimes people falsely advertise their hot tubs as a Jacuzzi® bath (even though theirs is of an another brand).

Hot tub is the umbrella term. It describes a large bathtub or small pool (sometimes for 4, 6 or even 8 people) full of water used for hydrotherapy and relaxation. Some have powerful jets for massage purposes.

Likewise, whirlpool, jetted, and spa baths can also be described as bathtubs with self-contained water jets that help relax and massage muscles, but sometimes they are just regular-sized bath with jets. On our page, we try to include only hotels with private hot tubs that provides guests with spa baths large enough for at least 2 persons.

Although in-room hot tubs and hotel hot tubs are great places for relaxation during your weekend break, they are also ideal for bacteria to fester. Nevertheless, most of those germs are harmless for healthy people and can be disinfected if cleaned properly. Either way, avoid swallowing the water (as you should in any static and shared container of water).

It’s rare for people to get seriously ill, but in case you get a rash or don’t feel well in any way, alert the front desk ASAP. 

First of all, it’s one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and rightfully so. The United Kingdom boasts an endless number of iconic landmarks, unique cities, breathtaking coastal views, legendary pubs, world-class restaurants, and festivals. Its wide offer combined with the mild climate that allows you to visit any time of year, makes one amazing getaway. Regardless of your and your partner’s interests, UK always has something to offer. And what better way is there to celebrate a special occasion then staying in a romantic hotel, in a honeymoon suite with hot tub, in one of the most famed places on the planet?

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