The Coolest hotels in Manchester

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Do you want to explore the artistic vibrancy around Manchester? The most historic town in the UK is calling out to you!


To get the best out of your trip, make a wise choice about where you want to stay. Choose a funkier hotel that has more than just a cozy bed.


To make the search easier for you, here’s a list of cool hotels in Manchester that would simply amp up your trip just by their cooler aspects!

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Top 3 coolest hotels in Manchester

1. Hotel Football

Situated opposite Old Trafford, Hotel Football is a remarkable place to stay for every football fan. There’s no better place to watch the game than this when you can peek right into the stadium!

The cool hotel has the most amazing theme full of modern football art along with a rooftop football field which you can also reserve for get-togethers.

You can head to their cafe and have the most delicious food with a healthy selection so you can stay fit wherever you go!

2. BrewDog Manchester

Located on Fountain Street, The DogHouse Manchester is a dream accommodation for every beer lover. If you’re a party monster who’s too lazy to head out, this cool hotel brings home the fun.

Chill out in the nightclub-themed rooms that have beer taps and also a loaded beer chiller so you never have to run out to get some!

Feeling hungry? Head to the rooftop lounge or the ground-floor restaurant to get yourself the best tacos, burgers, and other delicious appetizers to go with your beer. 

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3. Velvet Hotel

Touring through the partying central of the UK, you must love the nightlife. Gear up to spend the most adventurous nights of your life when you choose to stay at the Velvet Hotel.

Situated on Canal Street, this cool hotel is crowded with the liveliest clubs and bars that are full all night so the fun never gets interrupted.

You can grab an ideal meal at their classic Village Brasserie restaurant which has a mesmerizing fish tank floor and serves Mediterranean and British delicacies.

Complete list of cool hotels in Manchester

The Cow Hollow Hotel

Located on Newton Street, The Cow Hollow Hotel has a lush green interior that steals every ecofreak’s heart.

This former textile warehouse building, transformed into a futuristic hotel that treats its guests with free breakfast bags and a steaming cup of coffee every morning!

After an adventurous day, you can hit the bar downstairs for some cocktails or enjoy the complimentary milk and cookies and head to bed while enjoying Netflix!

Native Manchester

Situated in Piccadilly, Native Manchester is yet another cool hotel with a business-history building, offering apartments that would never fail to amaze you.

The warehouse on the ground floor has everything you will ever need. Shop, work out at the gym, watch a movie, whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it right below!

Take a bottle of champagne and head to the top floor to experience the most unreal panoramic views of your life!

Stock Exchange Hotel

As unique as its name, the Stock Exchange hotel has much more to offer than the beautiful rustic building.

You can enjoy a scrumptious meal at the on-site restaurant that is located in the former trading room’s dome with live music and then head downstairs to the bar for an exclusive glass of wine.

Situated on Norfolk Street, this hotel gets you all the touring actions just a few feet away.

YOTEL Manchester

If you’re heading to YOTEL, get ready to be blown away by its futuristic interior that wonderfully incorporates both, nature and style.

Located on John Dalton Street, this cool hotel has the most original and quirky theme with neon inspirational quotes on every wall to keep you refreshed.

Knowing the Gen-Z to the core, there’s no compromise on anything here. There are gluten-free, continental, and vegan options on the menu so no one leaves the hotel hungry.

King Street Townhouse

Based on King Street, the King Street Townhouse holds all the calmative amenities you will ever need and knows how to treat you right.

A steam room, spa, rooftop pool, and comfy lounge with a fireplace will give you a heaven-like experience after a long day out. If you’re up for a crazy night out, Canal Street is right around the corner so you can party all night long. 

You can head to their woody-themed restaurant for an exquisite meal and to end the night visit the wine cellar to pump up your night!

Didsbury house hotel

Want to feel like you’re a greenie living in a cottage surrounded by mesmerizing sights? Choose the Didsbury House hotel for an exceptional experience.

Situated in Didsbury Park, this modern hotel has the coolest outdoor terrace full of greenery and a spa along with free WiFi. You can even relax in their warm open lounge with a fireplace.

For breakfast, you can feast on an Irish/English buffet and you can also hit the bar for some amazing cocktails whenever you want! 

Abel Heywood Boutique Hotel

With the local pub exterior of this cool hotel, you’ll never be able to guess what a futuristic interior it holds.

The lavish dim lights and brick walls with the comforting smell of scented candles create an atmosphere that makes you never want to leave.

Located on Turner Street, the Abel Heywood Boutique Hotel connects you to almost every charming spot in the town. You get quick access to art galleries, malls, restaurants, and outstanding bars right around the corner.

The Lowry Hotel

Located at, The Lowry Hotel welcomes you to enjoy both sides of Manchester; the calming and heavenly aspects and the never-ending nightlife fun.

Leave your troubles behind and have a relaxing spa day and then head to the riverside restaurant to have the best meal of your life. You can also go up to the terrace arcs and enjoy your drinks with the most mesmerizing city views.

If you’re a party monster, walk up to the Deansgate to have a blasting Saturday night and park your car at the free parking spot in the hotel.

ABode Manchester

Situated in Piccadilly, the facilities and interior of ABode hotel are as stunning as the antique building. This cool hotel has a strong-colored theme and wooden floors, giving an industrial touch to every room. 

Enjoy an enormous breakfast buffet and delicious coffee every morning before you head out.

At night you can have a lavish dinner at their fine-dining restaurant and get the drinks next door at the champagne bar or chill in the lounge having cocktails.

Whitworth Locke

Holding the history of being an industrial capital, Manchester offers you yet another funky hotel in a former warehouse building.

Being located near Canal Street, this hotel lets you explore the best restaurants and coffee shops all day and gets you the glitz and glamour of The Gay Village all night long.

You can also chill in their comfy lounge area which will revive your Instagram feed with its chic decor! Get yourself a drink while enjoying your favorite book or hit the gym to work out!


Located on Chorlton Street, Leven is a former textile warehouse now turned into the most hip hotel in town.

You can get fully-equipped apartment-like rooms with nothing left behind and a stylish yet comfy interior. Along with modern designs, you’ll notice how well the greenery is incorporated into every corner of the hotel!

If you’re an introvert traveling alone, the art gallery, theater, and library are just a few steps away! Also, an exceptional cup of coffee and freshly baked goods await at their classy bar every morning.

Malmaison Manchester

Located in Piccadilly, Malmaison Manchester lets you rock the nightlife that this town is famous for.

Having the mall and Northern Quarter right down the street, you have two great options to either shop and upgrade your wardrobe or party like there’s no tomorrow because right down the street, you’ll find the most energetic clubs ever!

If you’re not a party monster, no worries. You can go to the spa and get a relaxing massage or enjoy the disco room with your favorite people!

Historical Hotels In Manchester

Kimpton Clocktower

Connecting you to all the main attractions of the town, you will never stop having fun at Kimpton Clocktower.

Located on Oxford Street, this historical hotel leads you to Canal Street for the hustle and bustle and to the Palace Theatre to watch impressive plays.

You can never go wrong with this hotel because its antique Victorian interior, industrial-themed restaurant with an exciting menu, and lavish bar will leave you amazed.

Hotel Gotham

Hotel Gotham’s classic theme will give you the feel of being in a rebellious movie from the 80s.

Located on King Street, this stunning building holds a history of being a bank but now it is serving its guests with such movie-inspired quirky services that make you never want to leave!

With jaw-dropping views from the rooftop terrace, malls at walking distance, and a chic bar downstairs, your stay will be unforgettable.


The Edwardian Manchester

Situated on Peter Street, the Edwardian Manchester is a dream palace for every historian.

Its gloomy building portrays history on the outside while the interior is full of modern art and comfort.

An outdoor pool, sauna, spa, and steam room. If you utilize their relaxing facilities in the right way, you can throw all your troubles away and unwind

In the mood for spicy food? Enjoy the famous Mexican and Japanese tapas at Peter Street Kitchen.

More cool Accommodations in and near Manchester

Looking for more cool accommodations near Manchester? Look no further, because we’ve compiled the coolest, worthwhile locations to make your next romantic getaway even more special!


  • Which is the coolest hotel to spend a relaxing weekend with your partner?

    After a tiring week full of work, you and your partner need to unwind and reconnect. A romantic getaway is an amazing way to do that. the King Street Townhouse and Hotel Gotham are the epitomes of being calming and romantic.

    The Townhouse offers amenities like a spa and sauna while Hotel Gotham gets you jaw-dropping suites and views on the top floors.

  • Which hotel is perfect for an adventurous spring getaway?

    Traveling with your friend group for a crazy vacation, you need to pick a hotel located at the right place so nothing cuts off the fun. Velvet Hotel and The Lowry Hotel can be your best options.

    Velvet Hotel is right on the most sparkling street of the city, Canal Street, while The Lowry Hotel is right by the Deansgate where the parties never stop.

  • Which is the coolest hotel for traveling alone?

    When you’re traveling alone, it is better to stay closer to interesting spots around the city that you can peruse by yourself. Leven Manchester seems to be perfect for that purpose!

    You get quick access to The Greater Manchester Police Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, The Palace Manchester, and the Central Library so you can have an amazing time on your own!

  • Which is the coolest hotel for nature lovers?

    If you’re an eco-nut and need to have luxurious amenities along with brief natural touches, we understand you. The Cow Hollow Hotel is an excellent option for you.

    Every part of this hotel incorporates greenery and fresh plants. Even their furniture is fashionable but natural in a modern way.

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