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When talking about love and how to maintain a strong and healthy relationship, the most important thing to do is to communicate. You can say with words how much you love them and how you enjoy spending time with them. However, there are other love languages to show your loved one how you feel.

There are many love languages through which you can express your love. Every relationship is different and unique.


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There are 5 love languages that will help you express and receive love in 5 different ways. And if you know your wife’s love language, it will be much easier to meet her needs. See how to brighten up her day with the help of her love language.

1. First love language: Words and compliments

Words of affirmation mean not only giving compliments but also encouraging the partner to develop his potential and work towards achieving goals that are personally important to him. So, encouragement for what is important to the partner, not to you.

If your partner’s love language is words, then the words you say are important, as well as the way you say them. The same message acquires a different meaning if it is delivered in a warm or sarcastic tone.

Therefore, pay attention to how you say those love words fulfilled with warmth and gentleness.

2. Second love language: Acts of service

When you want something from your partner, you are actually confirming his value and ability, because you are actually sending a message that he has something, or can do something that means something to you.

When you express your desire, you have given your partner the opportunity to make a decision and make a choice.

That’s why when your partner responds positively to your wishes, it’s emotional proof that he cares about you, that he respects you, and wants to satisfy you.

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3. Third love language: Receiving gifts

It doesn’t matter how much the gift costs, what matters is the intention to give someone something and make them happy, as an expression of love. It is not about material things.

It is important to emphasize the gesture. This love language indicates the partner’s need to make him loved and happy, with some little things such as ice cream, flowers, candy, a cup of hot tea, a nice and tasty dinner, theater or cinema tickets, a romantic dinner date, a voucher for wellness relaxation, chocolate and similar.

These are the little things that you remember and will enrich your relationship. If you or your partner often make these small gestures of love as sweet little things and gifts, your love language is – Receiving and giving gifts.

4. Fourth love language: Quality time together

By spending quality time together you get closer to each other every time you have a deep conversation in which you exchange information and feelings about your experiences, thoughts, wishes, and plans.

If your partner wants to spend more time together, it means that time together is the love language he/she is comfortable with the most in expressing love.

While you and your partner are doing something together, the activity you are doing remains secondary. What matters is that you are bonding. Spending time together with your partner centers around togetherness.

5. The fifth love language: Physical touch

Whenever physical touch is mentioned, most people think of sex, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about kisses, touches, hugs, and holding hands because you’re looking for a sense of togetherness, safety, protection, attention, intimacy, and affection from your loved one.

If your partner’s love language is physical touch, it can be a situation of holding hands while walking or being hugged while watching a movie, or taking a break while traveling or walking.

If you and your partner feel protected, loved, safe, and attached while holding hands, hugging, and kissing, your love language is – physical touch.

Best things to do for your wife if her love language is Words and Compliments

Write her love letters (by hand)

Love Letter

At the beginning of the love letter, the first two or three words you use are the most special. And as you know, the letter begins by addressing your loved one.

If you have doubts about what to write, say how you feel about her. If her love language is words of affirmation, then it will be easy to write her a letter.

Say what you like about her, how you feel around her, how much you love her…etc. When she will read, she will feel precious, loved, and special.

You can write love notes on cute paper, with some rose aside.

Tell her she is beautiful and smart

When a woman gets older, she wants to hear compliments even more, because she knows she’s not as young as she was before.

On the other hand, every woman wants to hear that, right? Don’t just tell her that when she’s all dressed up. Tell her even when she’s in a crowd and without makeup. You will definitely win her over.

Namely, women like compliments related to their age more than beauty, body, and wardrobe. Therefore, the line “You don’t look your age” is what every woman wants to hear.

Leave a love note on the bathroom mirror

There’s no such romantic thing as seeing a love note on the bathroom mirror. Imagine your wife coming into the bathroom bleary-eyed to take her morning shower, and seeing a sweet note that says ‘I love your smile,’ ‘You look great,’ ‘I’m so proud of you’ and similar.

She will be surprised and happy at the same time. Nothing beats the unexpected. It’s a really simple gesture of kindness.

Best things to do for your wife if her love language is Acts of service

Pick up her favorite treat

What kind of dessert does she often buy for herself? Pay attention! Plan ahead and make a romantic idea in the evening to surprise her with her favorite sweet treat or favorite ice cream.

If your lady is having a bad day or you just want to be romantic, stop on the way home and buy her one. After dinner, surprise her with this. She will like your thoughtfulness.

You can enjoy it together while watching her favorite movie. It’s a really romantic gesture.

Make her dinner

One of the best date night ideas is cooking dinner only for her. Instead of going to a fancy restaurant, having a romantic night in your apartment is much more intimate.

You will arrange all the food, place, wine, romantic music, and atmosphere. She won’t have to worry about anything. Make her feel special in these special moments.

Most women love when their husbands are making the food, whether it is for dinner or breakfast. With every bite, she’ll feel the romantic vibes you’re sending her.

A romantic breakfast in bed

Another great romantic idea to do for your wife is taking breakfast in bed for a good morning. Delivering her breakfast in the morning while she is still sleepy, is a great idea to show her how important she is to you.

Make a simple list of what you need. It can be pancakes, or eggs with coffee, hot tea, or juice aside. Plate them on a wooden tray, and also put a rose next to the plate.

You can also make breakfast for yourself and sit next to her to eat together. After you eat, clean up the mess you left behind. She’ll fall every time when you are doing romantic gestures.

Help her with the household

If you have kids, it’s probably a mess in your house and your wife is probably always responsible to clean up that mess. (It shouldn’t be like that, but it usually is.)

Help her with the things around the house. Cleaning up the living room, making up the bed, and putting the toys around the house in their place, are one of the most romantic things you can do.

Helping your wife with the household it’s a really significant gesture. She’ll appreciate your help, and she’ll know that she is not alone in this.

Best things to do for your wife if her love language is Receiving gifts

Buy her a piece of clothes

If you are planning on having a date night in her favorite restaurant, buy her new clothes for her to wear. For example, it can be a special and beautiful dress that will emphasize her body, and be sexy.

She will wear that dress more often like it’s the only one she has. It’s a very romantic idea because she’ll know that you pay attention to her style, what she wants and wear.

If you are not so sure, ask her best friend to help you out. You can also choose a pair of shoes because some women love shoes more than clothes. Sneak to her closet and hope she won’t notice.

Buy her a cooking class

Cooking classes can be a fun, and interesting thing your wife can do. If she loves cooking, buying her a cooking class can be a great idea to learn some more and improve her cooking skills.

There are many in-person and online classes she can take. She will learn from professionals, and be inspired to experiment in the kitchen later.

With this class, she’ll love having time for herself and doing what she wants to do. Romantic gifts will always surprise her.

Buy her favorite flowers

Whether it is fresh flowers or plants in a pot, she’ll love the idea of having another new plant in her home. With aging, women love to care more about their plants, whether they are indoor or outdoor plants.

Flowers are small gifts that mean more. Surprising her with a bouquet or a pot plant, it will show how much you think about her, even if it’s not a birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion.

The type of flower sends its message too. With orchids, you express admiration, and with iris hope. A white rose is an expression of respect, a red rose is love, and a lily is a symbol of purity.

Tickets to a concert

If her wife’s favorite band is playing in your town, then buy her a ticket or 2 to enjoy together with her best friend.

There is no age limit when talking about having a fun night. When a woman gets older, she wants to spend a good time with her friends.

You can also buy tickets for you two, to enjoy her favorite songs together, and make memories by taking some pictures too.

Best things to do for your wife if her love language is Quality time together

A weekend getaway

When you and your wife are tired from the everyday responsibilities, and the busy week, a weekend getaway is a perfect romantic idea to spend time together.

You can do plenty of cute things while you are on a trip. Exploring the city together, having dinner in a fancy restaurant, and going for a walk in nature, are some of the romantic ideas you can do.

The time spent together matters because even if you spend years together, keeping the spark alive in your marriage is important. You can do various sweet things together.

Go on a double date

The main purpose of going on a double date is to have fun together with your friends. You can plan something for the weekends, or you can do something over the holidays.

Sometimes introducing some variation in your relationship like double dating is a really fantastic idea to bond with each other.

Invite them to your apartment and play some board game together. Married couples can enjoy that games too. Romantic dates never go out of style.

Hot-air balloon ride

Hot-air balloon rides are sweet and elegant rides to spend on your anniversary or birthday. The best part is some of them do smaller baskets for more private and personal experiences.

This romantic balloon ride is the perfect way to be alone with your wife and floating in the clouds.

It is a unique and lifetime experience. So, take your wife, make some memories and enjoy the time alone.

Take dancing lessons

If your wife loves dancing, take it to the dance floor. Take your wife and take dancing lessons. The moment of dancing together, touching yourself, and stepping on your partner’s foot, is a really fun and romantic thing to do together.

Dancing brings joy and makes life easier. Try this online 28-day course for couples. It is perfect for married couples who have never danced before. So, whether you are a beginner or have two left feet, this course is one of the sweet things you can do together.

You can dance to many romantic songs and be prepared to dance without shame at any kind of party.

Best things to do for your wife if her love language is Physical touch

Take a bath together

Bathing together is a very intimate and private act. You can help with washing her hair and back. That’s nothing sexier than the feel of your finger in her hair.

While being naked together you can touch one another, your bodies will be close to each other which will bring back the spark.

A kiss, a hug, and a touch from behind while standing under the hot shower is a really sensitive and sexual thing to do.

Holding hands

Maybe you are thinking that you are too old to hold hands while taking a walk through the park, or going for a drink. But that’s not true.

Holding hands is one of the most intimate romantic gestures. It can express comfort, connection, empathy, and safety. Therefore, don’t be ashamed and hold your wife’s hand while you are going for a walk, for a drink, or simply when you want to show her some love.

Your love story isn’t over. You can hold hands after you have kissed, or had sex. It can make you physically close to one another.

Give her a massage

Touching different parts of the body allows you to relax and have fun. Give her a massage, because it is an excellent opportunity to show love to her and strengthen your relationship and sex life.

Scented candles around the room, essential oils, and a romantic playlist are all the things you’ll need. You can use essential oils which she likes.

Essential oils have a positive influence on the psychological state of women. They make her relaxed and cause sexual desire.

Before touching, warm up your hands. This will make the skin of the palms softer, while the fingers will gently slide over the body of your wife.

A casual touch during conversation

Having a physical touch during a conversation it’s really romantic, sweet, and comfortable. Touching can be intimate and sexual. It can also bring comfort, stress relief, and peace.

You can touch her hair, her hand, or her neck. Whether you are talking about something serious or laughing together, it is a nice gesture, because it means you carry about her.

Sometimes touching means more than words, so if your wife loves physical touch, do that often. It doesn’t require so much effort and she will feel loved.

My personal experience and final thoughts

If you want to express to your wife how you feel or to pay more attention, all these romantic things can help you. There are lots of romantic activities you can do, according to her language of love. Some romantic ideas can be more suitable for others. That’s why we offer different romantic things you can do.

Make your love story more romantic and lovable. Many sweet things can bring your marriage to a level up. Listen to your wife’s ideas in your everyday talks, so you can have more ideas to prepare them and surprise her.

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