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Our revolutionary full guide

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A relationship is supposed to be based on love, right? But doesn’t it seem to you that you and your partner speak different languages sometimes? According Dr. Gary Chapman, he identifies, understands, and begins to speak about how you can improve and feel your relationship with your partner which includes: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of kindness, and physical touch.

By learning the five love languages, you and your partner will learn the unique languages and practical steps to truly love each other (and you will find the best things to do for her). So, if you know which love language your girlfriend has, you will guess which are the best things to do for her.

1. First language: Words and compliments

Use words to strengthen the bond. Verbal compliments don’t have to be complex. Short and simple words and sentences can also be effective. For example, ‘Thank you for the dinner’, ‘Your hair is particularly beautiful today, ‘I am proud of you’, and similar affirmations. Partners who ‘speak’ this language appreciate praise and kind words.

On the other hand, negative comments and carelessness with the choice of words can make the partner feels bad. This type will take more time to forgive the words spoken than others.

2. Second language: Acts of service

For people who ‘speak’ another love language, actions mean more than words. Don’t just make promises, take action.

Do what makes your partner happy, and do your research and think about the things he/she likes first. It can also be simple everyday gestures. Do the laundry, clean the house or cook lunch.

Occasional romantic gestures are always welcome. Surprise your partner with a romantic breakfast or dinner. By your actions, you show that you care about your partner and your life together. If you’re not sure what your partner wants, be open and ask.

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3. Third language: Receiving gifts

The gift lets the partner know that he is appreciated, loved, and important. People who ‘speak’ this language think the most about the effort and thoughtfulness that preceded the received gift.

It doesn’t have to be something big and expensive. The intention and desire to make your partner happy is important. Choosing the right gift shows that you understand and know your partner well, and most importantly – that you listen to him.

This is how you maintain love and affection. Give a gift in a special way and express your gratitude when your partner gives you a gift.

4. Fourth language: Quality time together

For them, time together is the most important thing. Just the two of you and quality time alone is the key to happiness for a partner who understands a fourth language best. Certainly, in this case, the conversation is important, whether it is serious or not. Technology has taken its toll, so face-to-face conversations are becoming less frequent. Instead of watching a movie on TV, take your partner for a walk, talk with her or cook together.

5. The fifth language: Physical touch

People who understand the language of touch best need more physical closeness than others. It can be holding hands, kisses, or hugs. They non-verbally declare their love and affection. Physical touch is a direct way of giving attention, while also soothing and healing.

Find ways to express your love through physical touch. In this case, nothing tells your partner more than touch. Touch your partner’s hand, hug him or kiss him good morning. Whether you’ll do will be a sweet gesture that she’ll love.

In addition to the language of love, use one of the following romantic ideas that we have prepared for you and give her a surprise that will win her over.

thing. Just the two of you and quality time alone is the key to happiness for a partner who understands a fourth language best. Certainly, in this case, the conversation is important, whether it is serious or not. Technology has taken its toll, so face-to-face conversations are becoming less frequent. Instead of watching a movie on TV, take your partner for a walk or cook together.

Best things to do for your girlfriend if her love language is Words and Compliments

Write her a poem or a love letter

This is one of the sweet things to choose. All you need is a pen, paper, an envelope, and inspiration. If you’re in love, inspiration shouldn’t be a problem, the words will flow from you like a torrent. If you are not good at writing poems, write a long love letter, two or three pages long and try to say what you love about her and how much important she is to you.

It would be desirable if the pen was of good quality, and if the paper and envelope were decorative. Glue the envelope or seal it with wax, apply a little perfume on it, and put it in your sweetheart’s mailbox. If you are a good writer, you definitely try a song because it will have a much stronger effect.

Also, you can put inside a cute bottle a lot of small paper or small parchment with sweet words. This is also a romantic idea when you are not that creative to write her a song or poem.

Best things to do for your girlfriend if her love language is Acts of service​

Make her a romantic dinner in the apartment

Dinner for two, candles, wine glasses, dimmed light and soft romantic music cannot leave any girl in this world indifferent. It is not too important for everything to be perfect and look luxurious like in the movies because literally with all the mentioned elements you can make an improvisation.

You don’t have to have a large, imposing candlestick like the one from the court. You can find very cheap and decent candles that will have a similar effect right in the first market. In general, for the complete decoration of the romantic evening and the dinner table, you need more effort and creativity than money.

You can make dinner on your first date, on another special occasion. However, it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to make her a surprise. You can simply pick a day and surprise her. It will have more value which girls love. Cook a memorable dinner and have an incredibly romantic night.

Make her a romantic spa bath in the apartment

Light up some candles, bring a bottle of wine, play some soft music, and make a hot tub in the apartment. With this great idea, she’ll enjoy it for sure. It is the perfect time to relax, be together, and have that night talks.

A few hours in a hot bath will be the perfect surprise for her. For extra pleasure, you can put salts, and bubbles to relieve the stress and aromatic smell in the air.

If she’s hungry, you can bring her some snacks, or bring her favorite book to read while relaxing.

Make her a romantic breakfast and bring it to the bed

If she’s a morning person, use the moment and make her breakfast in bed. Always choose a light breakfast that looks irresistible, such as pancakes with fresh fruit, waffles with syrup and fruit, or savory croissants.

Combine the meal with some coffee or hot tea, so she can enjoy it more. Also, this is a perfect romantic idea when she’s sick because she’s more sensitive and you need to take care more.

Preparing this surprise may require more attention than buying a gift, but the expression of happiness and love you will receive in return is priceless. To begin with, start by choosing the right base, like a bamboo bed tray table with foldable legs.

Don’t forget the decorations. Fresh flowers, stickers with sweet messages and greetings, scattered chocolates in the shape of a heart, and anything similar that associates you with the person for whom you are preparing this surprise.

Help her with household chores

Being helpful around the house will greatly strengthen your romantic relationship. This is because your girlfriend will see you as a loving, caring, and dedicated person. Don’t forget that being considerate of the woman in your life at the domestic level goes a long way toward fostering feelings of self-love.

Don’t wait to be asked to clean! Do it yourself and do it because it’s the right thing to do. A man who helps in the house has a positive influence on the psychological health of his “better half”. Research also shows that men who help in the house are more sexually attracted to their partners.

Therefore, as a man, you should care about your own home. Spending time to do some household chores means you care about your home.

Best things to do for your girlfriend if her love language is Receiving gifts

Make her a personalized gift

It’s fantastic that today you have the opportunity to turn a lot of ordinary things into personalized gifts that can be priceless. Printing on t-shirts, mugs, calendars, and even billboards is a great idea if you want to dedicate something only to her.

You can make a cute personalized package with anything she likes can be a really original solution, while you can save engraving names, dates, and love messages into pieces of jewelry, for later.

Cakes and candies with cute letters that can arrive at her home address without announcing it, can be a real surprise and delight.

Mini Candle Gift Set for her

You can buy a mini candle set which is a unique and special gift. They can also be with Rose, Lavender, Vanilla, and Lemongrass odor for more relaxation.

She can use them while having some time on her own, get a glass of wine, and enjoy a movie. Small things like decorative candles give soul to any space.

Scented candles can be an ideal decorative detail, as well as perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere. She can use them to decorate a small shelf together with a vase and some books. They can also be placed in the fireplace area or on the side table.

Custom portrait

Give her a portrait and surprise her. All you need is a good idea and a photo! A portrait is a significant, wonderful, and original gift that grows in value over the years. Seeing yourself through the eyes of an artist is priceless!

Give a photo of her and let the artist do his job. She will be surprised! She can and up on the wall in the living room, or in her bedroom.

You can also create a portrait of you two. Bring the best photo she likes, so it can remember her of the beautiful time spent together.

Best things to do for your girlfriend if her love language is Quality time together

Online dance classes for couples

If you both like to dance, taking dance classes is the perfect romantic idea for you. Take a look at the best online dance classes for couples.

With this 28-day Romantic Bachata Dance course, you and your partner will dance as you’ve never danced before. Dancing increases the level of endorphins in our blood. Endorphin is the so-called happy hormone that improves our mood, helps us fight stress and depression, and fills us with self-confidence.

It’s okay if you or your partner is an absolute beginner because mastering the steps with your partner is the first step that will bring you closer. When your palms come together, and you feel the touch of a loved one around the waist or on the shoulder, the closeness of your body, the eyes that suddenly look at you differently, more sensually, you will not wait to be alone.

Dancing will relax you, and you will enjoy pleasant music. Chances are high that you will fall in love with your partner again. Feel the connection with your partner.

A romantic getaway

Whether it’s an engagement, honeymoon, anniversary, new relationship, or you both love to travel, it is more than enough reason to travel together. There is a special charm in traveling with the person you love.

Waking up to a beautiful view, exploring the unknown together, or expressing your love all day long, and romantic vacations do magic for a relationship.

A romantic weekend getaway is always something she’ll remember. You can make a surprise and go to the sea or to the country she dreams of. Or take a weekend out of town.

Make memories together! There are many places and cities in the world where there is a romantic atmosphere, but it is difficult to say exactly why.

Massage, sauna, and other types of body and mind relaxation will calm you, and also bring you closer together.

Take her to a place where you can watch the sunset

The sunset is one of the romantic things you can do to surprise her because simply all women love it. You just do your best to make the place comfortable, bring drinks, and arrive on time.

If it’s a viewpoint or any special place, which you don’t go to every day, and the view of the sunset from there leaves you speechless, you won’t need much effort to put a smile on her face that won’t be taken off so easily.

Whether it’s your first date or another day together, this moment is a perfect time to spend some quality time together and get closer to each other.

A romantic picnic

A romantic picnic is a nice way to spend quality time with your loved one. You can enjoy yourself under the stars or clouds or under the shade of a tree.

All you need is a blanket and a basket with a light snack, fruit, and good wine. If you’re skilled with a guitar, bring it too, and maybe the afternoon socializing will continue under the stars.

If you are tired of classic dates that involve going to a fancy restaurant or going for coffee and a walk, a romantic picnic is one of the best cute date ideas.

The best time to go outside is in the afternoon when it’s not too hot, or in the evening to enjoy stargazing. For a romantic picnic, a bottle of wine and a couple of wine glasses are ideal, as well as sweets such as chocolate with chocolate-covered strawberries or chocolate chip cookies.

One of the most essential things for a picnic is to bring a blanket. If you’re going early in the evening, bring two blankets – one for the ground and one for you and your partner to snuggle up and cuddle with.

Spend a night in a treehouse cabin

Spending time in a cozy treehouse cabin and having sweet talks, are incredibly romantic things to do for your girlfriend.

A treehouse cabin is a sweet place for just the two of you to have some quiet time together. Treehouses are available to rent which will bring an experience like no other.

When you go with someone you care about, like your girlfriend, it’s even more beautiful and romantic. They are quiet and comfortable – a perfect way she will feel she’s special. The nights in this cozy cabin make the perfect date night.

Whether you prefer to stay inside and spend the whole trip relaxing, these tree houses are something that your girlfriend always dreamed of.

Go to a museum she likes

Choosing a museum to spend some time with your girlfriend, is a place where she’ll fall in love with you again. If she enjoys visiting museums, whether it is art, sport, science, history, etc., you’ll have a fun experience.

Also, the museum offers many workshops and other fun things you can do together. Visiting a museum can be like a ‘vacation’. You can go really slow or make a quick view.

However, you will make some experiences, and memories, and have a great day together.

Best things to do for your girlfriend if her love language is Physical touch

Sexy lingerie and candles

Surprise her with some candles and roses on the bed, buy her some sexy lingerie and have a night she won’t forget.

Being together and having physical touch doesn’t always mean you’re all about sex. If holding hands, and hugging give her the boost she needs, then you should do that often.

With some scented candles and sexy lingerie, you can just Netflix and chill all night. There is something special and significant to that too.

A massage with aromatic oil

Book her a relaxing massage is something that anyone can do, with no effort. But, the cute thing is that you’ll be the one giving the massage.

The ambiance is really important when giving her a massage. Turn on some relaxing music, and dim the lights for a more romantic atmosphere. Also, you can use candles, so your girlfriend can enjoy more.

Choose your girlfriend’s favorite scented candle, for a special touch. Before you begin, you can connect with your partner by having a glass of wine, or simply just holding hands and talking.

Use smooth moves, starting from the back and shoulders to release the stress from the day. Be gentle, because the main aim is to relax her and feel each other through that touch.

Continue with the lower back, and if she wants, you can get her a gentle butt massage. Do as long as your girlfriend feels comfortable.

Take a shower together

Suggest to her to take a shower together more often. Take a shower with her and help her wash the back or hair. Showering together can refresh your sexual relationship. Just imagine your loved one covered only in water droplets.

Showering together is incredibly intimate, and if you do it several times a week, your relationship will definitely be stronger.

Being naked under the hot water together, holding your bodies closer to each other, is the sexiest thing in the world. Hugging under the stream, and kissing on the neck, release stress and improve your mood.

Lay in bed together

In the morning, when you both wake up, spend some time together while laying in bed. Have morning kisses and hugs that will bring positive energy for the day.

Run your fingers through her hair and touch her nose right after you’re going to sleep. Talks before bedtime improve sleep quality and she’ll feel fulfilled.

If you lie down together a little more, it is an ideal moment to exchange soft gestures and talk about the day you have spent or the things you’ll do that day.

Also, scientists claim that spending time together stimulates the body to release a neurotransmitter called oxytocin. It is a hormone of closeness and pleasure that helps you get even closer to your partner and feel happy in his presence.

My personal experience

Whether you want to impress your girlfriend because you are new to this, or it’s just what you’ll feel like doing, give her a surprise and put all these things on your bucket list. A small detail can make a huge difference in your relationship.

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