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Love is present everywhere. It can’t only be felt, it can be seen as well. Love is what makes the world go round. However, the way of communication varies from one person to another.

It is believed that there are 5 unique “love languages” that make an unbreakable bond between two people. Love is not a trend, on the contrary, it is a basic human need for survival.

Below, see the 5 love languages and how you can use them to strengthen your love relationship.


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There are several types of love language, and each of us has a different one. Love language shows how your partner wants you to show your love for them and this includes words, favors, receiving gifts, quality time together, and physical touch.

If you know your partner’s love language, it will be much easier to meet his needs. See how to brighten up his day with the help of his love language.

1. First love language: Words of affirmation

Everyone likes nice compliments, but the actions you used to show that the person next to you is beautiful and wonderful are also important.

Whether it’s the way you dress or the bright smile, words of affirmation can brighten your day. A compliment like “You look beautiful today” can make the difference between a good day and a great one.

2. Second love language: Acts of service

Washing dishes, doing laundry, mowing the lawn, and many other things on this list speak louder than any words. Your partner will feel much better knowing that you share your responsibilities and are there to help him/her.

You can make his favorite meal, or go to his favorite restaurant. Do any of his daily activities.

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3. Third love language: Receiving gifts

This means cards with messages, flowers, jewelry, chocolate, etc. Couples who communicate through receiving these gifts love to be surrounded by boxes of beautifully wrapped gifts.

The gift is not so important as the idea and the gesture of attention. In fact, it will show your partner that you really love and understand him.

Holidays and birthdays are great ways to surprise your loved ones with carefully selected gifts they’ll love.

4. Fourth love language: Quality time together

Time is precious and people who use this love language know this best. Whether it’s a day spent walking in the park or exploring the city, the very act of spending time with your partner can make you happy and fulfilled. So grow and develop together.

Make your partner feel like they are with a best friend who loves them just the way they are. You can do something you both love, and you can also visit the place where you first met.

5. The fifth love language: Physical touch

This is probably the most famous formula for expressing love because a physical touch is full of warmth, closeness, and intimacy.

Hugs, and kisses exist because they make people feel safe and valued. After a hard and tired day at work, those who feel love through touch can’t wait to get home and find themselves in the arms of their partner.

As a refuge, it allows them to relax and escape reality for a moment, to find comfort and a place where the stress goes away.

Best things to do for your husband if her love language is Words of affirmation

A love note next to his coffee

Write a sweet love note next to his coffee. Prepare his favorite coffee in the morning for a better start to the day.

Having his morning coffee with some romantic notes, like ‘I love you’, ‘Have a nice day’, and ‘I love your smile’, can mean everything to him.

If he is a busy person, this type of attention will bring warmth, comfort, and understanding. Find out what works best for him and be creative. The most important thing is, to show your love the way he wants.

Tell him beautiful words

If he wants to hear sweet words as an expression of love, then tell him that you love him, that he has a good heart, and similar more often.

Whether you are having a date night, or you are watching a movie at home, find the best moment to tell him something sweet and romantic. Sometimes things that happen out of nowhere make the moments even more romantic.

Also, when he is busy with work or is worried about something, tell him that he is the best and that you believe in him. It will give him more courage to handle things.

Stay by his side

If your husband loves when you are supporting him, then stay by his side not only when something bad has happened, but in good times too.

Support him, give him compliments and positive words to bring him up, and have more strength to do things right. Be emphatic.

When your husband sees that you feel the way he's feeling, he will be safer, knowing that he is not alone.

Best things to do for your husband if her love language is Acts of service

Prepare his favorite meal

Give him the meal prep that he deserves. By making his favorite dish, he will know that you pay attention to things that he likes. That shows that you care about him.

Cook dinner and make a romantic date. He will enjoy the food even more. It doesn’t have to be something complicated that takes hours.

You can make simple food that he likes, decorate the table where you will eat, and make the dish decorative. Prepare the room atmosphere too, for extra pleasure.

Wear sexy lingerie

Every man, regards his age, wants to have a sexy and intimate night with his partner. Buy some sexy lingerie and surprise her while he gets tired from work.

Prepare the bedroom with light candles, wine, and some romantic music, and wait for him in the sexy underwear lying on the bed.

Doing something like this for him, promote intimacy, and communication, and improve relationships. Try to buy something new every time you want to surprise him.

Because that’s the goal, to invest yourself and in your relationship.

Prepare him a hot tub

Prepare the bathtub with bubbles, essential oils, and salts for him to relax after the stressful day. Also, put scented candles around the hot tub, and play some relaxing spa music.

When he gets home from the tiring day he had, walk him through the bathroom first. Take off his clothes and let him enjoy himself. Bring him a beer or his other favorite drink to enjoy even more.

You can also join him and have an intimate night together. A few hours of relaxing in a hot tub won’t hurt anybody, right?

Help him to wash the car

Every man wants a clear car. They go very often to wash the car before going anywhere. Therefore, when you are taking the car, surprise him by washing it.

It is a wonderful way to show him you care about his things and want to help him. It’s a really nice gesture that he will appreciate.

Even though you have divided your household duties, it’s nice sometimes when you complete his, as an act of love.

Best things to do for your husband if her love language is Receiving gifts

Buy him a ticket for a sporting event

One of the romantic things to do for your husband is to buy him a ticket or 2, one for his friend, for a sporting event. If he is a fan of a sports game, make some research if his favorite club is playing in your city.

If the club is playing in your city or near your area, surprise him with the tickets to enjoy himself. Let him have a guy’s night alone or with his friends.

It will mean so much to him because he will know that you care about his personal time and favorite things.

Made him a mix tape

Whether it’s Valentine’s day, a birthday party, or some regular day, made him a unique gift that will make him happy.

All you need is a CD and lots of songs. Make a playlist of your favorite songs that you can listen to on Friday night, or when you are having date nights. You can put your wedding song or the song you were listening to on your first date.

Once you got the list ready, record them on a CD, and surprise him. You can listen to the CD when you spend time together to remember the beautiful moments. It’s really a special gift.

A good bottle of his favorite drink

If he likes to have a glass of whiskey, rum, gin or something else, regardless of the occasion, then one of the great ideas to surprise him is to buy him a good bottle of his favorite drink.

There are various quality drinks on the market, so make sure you got the right one. It’s a really nice gesture.

When you invite your friends for a movie night to some board games, he will be so excited to serve your friends that drink and tell them about how you surprised him.

Another great gift for your date night, where you will taste your love with a couple for drinks.

Board games

If he is a fan of playing board games, buy him his favorite. Many men age excited to play those kinds of games, regardless of their age. Wake up his inner child.

You can play it together, or he can play with his friends while having fun. Buying him something that he had always wanted, makes him feel special and loved.

Men remember these romantic things. There are many romantic things to do for your husband if his love language is receiving gifts.

Best things to do for your husband if her love language is Quality time together

Hot-air balloon ride

A hot-air balloon ride is without a doubt, one of the most common things on every couple’s bucket list. It is a very interesting idea to spend some time together.

There are romantic balloon rides that are perfect for couples, whether it’s for a proposal or just to share something special. Make some memories together.

Take a camera with you to renew your photo albums. Make this day a special and romantic day just for you two.

Go to a movie theater

When you are bored of spending the night at home, take your husband and go to see a romantic movie. Whether is his favorite movie or not, it’s a great idea to be alone together.

Buy some popcorn, coca-cola, or some other snacks and spend a great evening together. After the movie, you can go for a walk, or have a couple of drinks in the nearest bar and exchange impressions about the movie.

Spend the day together

It doesn’t mean you have to do something special to be alone. You can go for a sunset walk or sit in your own backyard under the night sky for a romantic date. It could be a no electronics night, to get away from your phones, and be together.

If you are looking for something more exciting, you can go to an amusement park with some exciting rides. Whether you go, you can make things interesting.

Even going to a fancy restaurant or hotel room, can be a sexy time for you two. Or simple, you can do household together around the house. It can be a really fun and productive time for both of you.

You can get up a bit earlier to drink your morning coffee together before going to work. It’s a great start to the day.

Taking dancing lessons

One of the romantic things to do for your husband is to take together dance classes. If your husband loves dancing, then dance lessons are a great idea to bond with each other even more.

You can choose more complex and energetic dance steps or you can slow dance to some romantic songs. You can take a look at this 28-bachata course for couples. Whether you have two left feet or want to start a new hobby together, this course is perfect for you.

Bachata is a very sensual dance style, where your body will be close to one another and you will feel the heat for sure. After the end of this course, you will be ready to dance at clubs, family gatherings, and parties. So, bring your dancing shoes and dance!

Best things to do for your husband if her love language is Physical touch

Full body (sweet and romantic) massage

After a tired and stressed day at work, give him a full massage so he can relax and forget about everything. Prepare the bedroom with some candles, bring the essential oils and play some relaxing music.

It’s a very romantic and sexy thing to feel your warm fingers on his body. Massaging him on his erogenous points will spice things up. The intimate touch brings the feeling of pleasure and also a sensual and sexy message to him.

One of the best romantic things to do for your husband is to massage every part of his body, with slow, and sexy pressure.

Touch him often

If he likes physical touch, touch him whenever you see him. For example, while he is sitting on the sofa in the living room, watching TV, or reading a newspaper, go behind him and run your fingers through his hair.

When you are on a date or watching a movie together, hold his hand. Touches out of nowhere are way more intimate and sweet.

When you are out with friends, make a great excuse to see him alone and just hug him. He will feel loved and special.

Play 'footsie' under the table

One of the most sexy things is to touch him with your feet under the table. It is even sexier to do this when you are out with friends because you have to be careful no one sees you.

Make some flirting under the table. It will be more exited because no one is watching. Move your feet from his feet and go up. You know, right? hehe.

Your husband will love the way you show him you want him. Maybe with this step, you will leave the party earlier and have a little sweet time on your own.

Have a cuddle time in the morning

Before you get up for your morning coffee, cuddle for a few extra minutes with him. It’s really sweet and intimate.

Give him kisses on the neck. Let him lie down on your chest while you are touching his hair. You can initiate something else. Morning love is a great way to start your day in a great mood.

My personal experience and final thoughts

All these ideas can help you show him how much you love him, and care about him. You can do them in as many fun ways as possible. The main point of these romantic things is to maintain a healthy marriage whether you are just married or over 20 years together.

Date night, game night or any other romantic things to do for your husband can help you strengthen your love and improve your communication.

So, make yourself free, use your imagination, and listen to what your husband wants. Simple steps can make your life and love better.

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